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Until they run a business themselves, few people understand the pressure you’re under. As an Avitus Group member, you’ll appreciate the fact that we’re led by people who have been in your shoes, made tough decisions and have the knowledge you need to help you get where you want to go.

Kenneth L. Balster, President
Kenneth L. Balster
President of Avitus Payroll Services, Inc. and Avitus Business Services, Inc.

Ken’s vision of a customer-centric organization has driven Avitus Group’s tireless attention to building solid business services relationships with our members. That vision is clear from the first moment we meet, starting with a lively, informative introduction and carrying through every aspect of our ongoing relationship. Ken inspires his team with his enthusiasm, humility and can-do approach to helping others.

Ken is an Avitus Group co-founder and has served as Department Director, Vice President and Board Member. As an Avitus Group member, you will have the opportunity to benefit from his more than 35 years of small business experience, including 14 years as a small business owner himself and 7 years of management with the National Federation of Independent Business.

DONALD P. REILE President, Avitus Inc.

Donald P. Reile
President, Avitus, Inc.

Don’s talent for organization, strategic planning, project coordination, and plan execution enables you to focus on your strengths and allows your business to thrive.  His ultimate objective is to give you an unparalleled experience; one that blends personal service with integrated technology. He believes that hard work must be accompanied with a healthy dose of humor, and that a little workplace fun is mandatory to ensure his teams effectively assist you with the daily rigors of business ownership.

After 25 years with a leading national retail company (12 in operations and management positions), Don brought his leadership experience to a vital role in developing the Avitus Group service model. Don joined the team in 1999, and now oversees all service departments including human resources, safety, payroll, Information Technology, Information Systems, operations and benefits administration.

Steve Bentley

Steve Bentley
Senior VP of Finance

Steve’s financial management skills allow us to deliver the level and type of services otherwise out of reach for many small and medium-sized businesses.  His desire to lead Avitus Group to become one of the highest-ranked business services organizations in North America is led by a belief that integrating an accountable service delivery model with cutting-edge technology is the path toward customer satisfaction.

As Chief Financial Officer, Steve works countless hours to ensure Avitus Group will remain financially sustainable and continue to offer our service model at the highest levels. He holds a master’s degree in business taxation from the University of Southern California and has over 30 years’ experience in public and private accounting.

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