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Almost every employee looks forward to payday and for good reason: it’s when they get to celebrate the results of their work. For business owners and managers like you, however, preparing for and completing payroll tasks can be time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating.

Avitus Group will simplify your payroll responsibilities by creating an intuitive, easy-to-use process for you and your team. Understanding your needs may be different than those of other members, we deliver a personalized experience geared specifically to you and your company.  That includes having a friendly, knowledgeable payroll representative assigned to your account, ready to answer your questions when you phone.

Outsourcing your payroll and compensation administration gives you the advantage of knowing that all information is stored on our multi-redundant secure servers. This minimizes risk and eliminates any concern that you’ll lose critical confidential information should your internal systems fail.

Having a co-employment relationship with Avitus means that your entire payroll process is managed effectively. From new hire reporting to generating paychecks and distributing year-end W-2’s, we minimize the time you spend on administrative tasks and help you maximize the time to focus on your business.

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Web-Based Timekeeping

With online timekeeping, your employees can sign in securely from virtually anywhere, and you’ll have unlimited access to detailed reports.

Timesheet Management

Our timesheet management option, provides access for you or your business manager to enter hours, view reports and complete essential tasks.

Compensation Distribution

You choose how you’d like your employees to receive their paychecks.

Payroll Compliance

No more worrying about changing laws and regulations; our certified payroll professionals make sure you have the right information, to make the right decisions.

Multi-state Payroll

Our co-employer relationship allows Avitus Group to report tax liabilities via our national employee pool.  Saving you the hassle of multi-state registration, quarterly reporting, making tax deposits and submission of annual reports.

With APS Premier You Get:

  • Paycheck Preparation
  • Deduction/Withholding Calculations
  • Payroll Register Report
  • Electronic Timekeeping
  • Vacation/Sick Accruals
  • ACH transfers of funds
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Garnishment check processing
  • Benefit payment reporting and processing
  • Web based time entry
  • Job Costing reports
  • All Payroll Tax Deposits
  • All Quarterly tax returns

APS Additional Services

(included at no additional charge)

  • Workers Compensation Reporting
  • Annual Payroll Reports (940, W-2’s)

The next step needed to free your payroll processing time is to let us analyze your payroll needs and prepare a quote for you. We will give you suggestions on how we can improve your payroll process.

Vacation/Sick Accruals

vacation-sick-daysAPS Can Easily track Sick Leave, Time Off and Vacation Accurals according to your company policy.  These can also be displayed on the employee’s paystub.


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