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Risk and Safety Management

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Work-related injuries can occur almost anywhere, whether in an office or on an off-site location. As a result, there is a high likelihood that you will have to manage a Worker’s Compensation claim at one time or another.

Working with Risk Management Consultants at Avitus Group can reduce the risk.

Under our co-employment agreement, Avitus Group members are supported by a dedicated team of specialists who address risk and safety issues. They manage workplace safety programs, handle Workers’ Compensation compliance and claims, conduct accident investigations and complete ongoing safety audits.

We consult with you about your company’s risk and safety needs and provide customized recommendations focused on addressing your concerns.  You’ll have the information needed to protect your employees from potential injury and limit the exposure of your business should injury occur.

Workplace Inspections and Evaluations

Our dedicated safety consultants will come to your workplace to evaluate potential risks and create a report of any changes needed to improve compliance and safety.  A customized safety and inspection plan is also provided.

Policy and Procedures Manuals

Having and distributing a current, comprehensive manual which details your policies is a critical step in risk reduction. With a decade of experience in safety manual creation, Avitus Group can develop the right materials for your size and type of business.

Training Opportunities

Your employees may say they understand safety, but have they been properly trained to follow safety guidelines? Talk to us about implementing a training program that ensures every employee is provided the right information about your safety policies. Industry-specific trainings, including those required by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, are also available.

It’s never too soon to focus on your company’s risk management plan. Contact Avitus Group today to find out how we can assist you with yours.

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