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A deeper look at the Avitus difference

Why is Avitus Group a leading provider of human resources and business services? Why are we different than a standard Professional Employer Organization? Learn more in our frequently asked questions section.
Avitus Group was founded in 1996. We determined from day one we would not be just another Professional Employer Organization; we wanted to up the ante and provide service unlike companies had ever seen before. Our reputation for excellence and breadth of turnkey business services spread, as did our ability to attract outstanding employees, allowing us to expand into the company we are today.
Our name came from the story of a Roman soldier Eparchius Avitus, whose innovative strategies, combined with his ability to build long-lasting relationships, led to the defeat of the seemingly unstoppable Attila the Hun—saving the Empire. This story resonated with our founders, who easily drew a line between the challenges faced by business owners every day and the need for our company to demonstrate innovation as we changed the way human resources and business services were offered.

We choose to answer that question with not one, not two, but three questions of our own:

Are you devoting your time to your business in the ways you originally intended, or are you spending too much time trying to manage administrative tasks?

You got into your business because of a desire to provide a specific solution, not to handle employee claims and file forms. Join Avitus Group and you’ll be freed to follow your passion while we follow ours: helping you simplify, strengthen and grow your businesses.

Are you unsure as to whether you should hire part- or full-time administrative staff?

We solve this problem by working with you to establish service levels that adequately support your business. Whether you need 10 hours a week for payroll or a full-time benefits coordinator, we have the experienced people to help you grow.

Do you have adequate resources to run a strong, growing company?

If you’re having trouble finding the best people to manage human resources, benefits, training and other employment responsibilities, look to the experience of Avitus Group. We help run your business like clockwork, leaving you free to devote your resources to the job of strengthening your business.

Businesses of all sizes across many industries have benefited from the services we provide.Our national presence and huge workforce enable Avitus Group to help small businesses in ways many Professional Employer Organization’s and individual service providers cannot. Larger enterprises enjoy the convenience and dedication of our fully trained staff without the costs and hassles which come from creating a new department.

The cost to become a member of Avitus Group or to utilize our individual business services varies based on the type(s) of services you need, the number of people you employ, etc.Your Avitus Group representative can discuss specific plans and costs with you.


The first step in joining Avitus Group is to contact us. We’ll then schedule a time for you to meet with your Avitus Group representative, who will give you more information about us and, even more importantly, collect information about you. Our team will then prepare a customized plan for you that includes the services you’ve requested, how we can work together, and all pricing information. Once you’ve made the decision to come on board, it usually takes several weeks to schedule meetings with the teams you’ll be working with, complete all paperwork and introduce you to the Member Services and Development Representative who will be your primary point of contact.

We strive to make this process as simple and worry-free as possible so you have a great experience with us from day one.Call 1.800.454.2446 to put the process in motion.

You will be matched with a Member Services and Development Representative who will be available to handle most of your inquiries. Should highly detailed or specific information be required, you will also have a point of contact within each service area you are utilizing.

Initially, more frequent contact may be necessary as we work through processes for the first time.After that, it really is up to you when and how we interact and often depends on any complex or challenging issues your business is facing.We can work under a “light touch” arrangement, where we occasionally contact you to report certain information, or a “high touch” relationship, where we are in contact regularly.

There are three distinct advantages Avitus Group has over a standard professional employment organization, or Professional Employer Organization:

  1. Our broad suite of administrative, back-office services is unique to our industry
  2. The co-employer structure available to our members helps reduce your liabilities and employment costs
  3. A customer-centric focus that puts you and your needs first and encourages us to look for innovate ways to meet even your most challenging problems

When your business joins Avitus Group as a member, we become the employer of record for your workforce as it applies to all taxes, employment benefits, insurance and other purposes. We also accept responsibility under this relationship to recruit, hire, train and pay your team members.

For more information about how the co-employer relationship with Avitus Group works and how it will help you simplify, strengthen and grow business, contact us today.

Our members have the greatest access to a robust set of turnkey business services such as payroll, benefits administration, human resources management, safety and training support, and legal guidance.We recognize, however, that a co-employer relationship simply may not be right for all businesses—and some companies need services in addition to those under our co-employment arrangements.

To meet these needs, we offer a comprehensive suite of a la carte administrative services such as bookkeepingtax assistanceemployee recruitingmarketing supportInformation Technology management and strategic planning, just to name a few. These services are available to our members as well as to non-member clients on an ongoing or per-project basis.

Our services are paid for on a monthly or per-project basis, depending on the type(s) of work we complete for you. Your Avitus Group representative will assist you with determining the payment structure that works for your budget.

While certainly different from industrial settings, offices are not immune to worker injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches and vision problems are just a few of the potential hazards the office workers encounter, not to mention falls, slips and trips. In addition, health emergencies, such as heart attack, can occur in any setting, so we recommend at a minimum for employees to be trained in minor first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques.

If you have concerns about the obligations concerning a training program, we can be flexible in our approach. Research has shown, however, that workers who have been trained in ergonomics, workplace harassment, emergency response and other focus areas are generally happier and more productive in the workplace.

Call us immediately and explain the situation. We have access to some of the finest legal advice available as well as resources and peer networks we can call on. We also share the responsibility of correcting an issue or addressing a claim, so it is important that you contact your Avitus Group representative as quickly as possible.

We recommend being proactive in contacting us prior to new developments, if possible, so that we can assist you most effectively.

The employees of companies using our payroll services may utilize our secure, web-based portal, TimeCentre to log in and submit daily and/or weekly timesheets. Managers submitting payroll data from an existing timekeeping system can use our Summit payroll platform.

Our training library is constantly changing and expanding. Sessions cover workplace safety, personnel management, emergency response, employee behavior and other topics.

Avitus Group offers three training delivery options:

  • Onsite
  • Online
  • Live Webinars

We also provide training for business owners, supervisors and employees in many different industries.

Yes. Our tax specialists have considerable experience preparing and filing personal and business tax forms. Our dedicated tax services team helps you stay on top on top of required quarterly and annual filing.
Our risk and safety team can perform facility inspections under certain circumstances for our non-Member clients. We can make recommendations to achieve compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other regulations; however, it is ultimately the business owner’s responsibility to ensure the workplace meets regulatory standards.
We are responsible for the day-to-day ledger entries and submission of internal account reconciliation reports (along with other tasks).Preparing and submitting required financial reporting documents, however, are tasks completed by your accountant.
Our marketing team is adept at working with all types of marketing, both online and off.We work with you to determine your needs and objectives, then present options designed to best meet them.It may be a new website, updated signage, printed pieces or a social media strategy—the possibilities are almost limitless.
Employees without bank accounts frequently pay exorbitant fees to cash their paychecks. Avitus Group has partnered with Skylight One to provide a Visa check card that can be loaded each payday and used at automatic teller machines and retail stores everywhere without fees. Employees can wire money and issue checks from their account, and they also have the option to receive account balance updates via text to a mobile phone.

Avitus Group is always seeking well-qualified candidates ready to deliver unmatched levels of customer service.You can see and apply for open positions here.

If you have questions that have not been answered here or anywhere else on our website, please contact us at info@avitusgroup.com.


Introducing your new integrated business team.

If you love the idea of having an experienced team of Accounting, HR, IT, and marketing experts to add to your business toolkit without having to hire more employees, you’ve come to the right place. Avitus Group has worked with businesses from almost every major market sector and we rely on the experience of trained professionals to tackle each diverse set of challenges. From hiring to firing, payroll to taxes, and tech security to marketing, we know that our clients thrive best under a multidisciplinary approach.
Your business needs are dynamic, and so are we.

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