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Canada has gained an outstanding reputation for being business friendly, driven in part
by its tax policies. If you own a company and are considering opening new locations in
Canada or considering expanding your business further into the Canadian provinces,
Avitus Group can help.

Our offices in Calgary and Edmonton are staffed by qualified business professionals
able to assist you with virtually every aspect of your human resources needs. Avitus Group Canada will
help your company mitigate foreign employment risks and liabilities, as well as offer
guidance when you have questions about Canadian laws and regulations. We help
you locate and hire the best employees and provide you the human resources support
needed to retain them for years to come.

Outsourcing human resources and administrative tasks for your Canadian operations to Avitus Group saves
you time, eliminates hassles and lets you focus on what you enjoy most: growing your

Services available through Avitus Group Canada include:

Employee Recruiting and Retention
How will you find your next Canadian employee? Do you have a plan in place for
keeping them with your organization? The answer to both questions is “yes” when you
work with Avitus Group Canada.

We have built a recruitment network throughout Canada, providing our clients access
to a pool of highly qualified employees. Knowing your desire to have a productive and
happy workforce, Avitus Group actively seeks out individuals who have the right skill set and
personality to fit your needs. We then thoroughly screen each of them to ensure that
you and they will be satisfied. Doing so makes the most of your recruitment investment
and increases the likelihood that they will remain with your company longer.

Payroll Administration
Avitus Group Canada delivers comprehensive suite of solutions designed to meet your payroll
requirements. It starts with a dedicated payroll specialist who will get to know you, your
company and your employees. He or she will be just a phone call away when you or a
staff member have a question or otherwise need information.

You will also have the support of a full team of friendly professionals who work together
to make sure your payroll is processed on time and that all local, provincial and federal
regulations are followed properly.

Human Resources
Let Avitus Group Canada be your on-the-ground human resources team, ready to meet your needs even
if you are thousands of miles away. We’ll deliver a personalized experience day-
in and day-out as we develop employee offer letters, create a custom policy and
procedures manual, and ensure new employees have all of the initial information and
documentation they’ll need to start their job with you off on the right foot.

Outsourcing your human resources to Avitus Group also provides you expertise in safety,
benefits administration and support as you transition or even terminate employees
if needed. You’ll know also love knowing your human resources tasks are in compliance with all
statutes, mitigating your potential risk and loss.

Benefits Administration
Offering comprehensive benefits to your employees helps you maintain a competitive
advantage as an employer of choice in your industry. We will seek out and allow you
to choose from benefit offerings and packages that make the most sense for your
company and the people who work there. We then administer those benefits on your

Our employee benefit administrative services include management of:

● Health and wellness plans
● Health Spending Accounts (HSA)
● Group Retirement Savings Program (GRSP)
● Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
● Expat benefit solutions
● Maternity/parental leave
● Disability claims

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