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The world’s most populous country, China possesses tremendous potential for

companies seeking to do business there. You may be wondering where to start,

however, given the country’s culture, laws, geographic size and diversity.

With offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tianjin and Shenzhen, the Avitus Group

can guide you through the process of establishing and expanding your presence in

China. In addition to working with you to create a strategy for initiating new business,

we can also assist you with time-consuming administrative duties. Our representatives

throughout China have the knowledge and experience needed to save you time and

help you avoid potential difficulties.

Our services for clients seeking to do business in Chinese markets include:

Strategic Planning

Avitus Group China evaluates your goals and objectives and creates a strategic plan

customized to your business. You’ll have the critical information needed to make the

best decisions for your company today that That plan provides you critical information

strengths of your business will be leveraged by our existing market presence.

Our expertise extends to labor laws, employment regulations, payroll requirements, tax

laws, insurance options and other business disciplines.

Recruiting and Retention

Finding the right people to staff your business is never easy; finding the right Chinese

national or someone willing to locate to China is even more challenging. Recruiting and

training new employees is also costly should they leave your organization.

Avitus Group China will find the right candidates for your open positions. Our tenure in China

provides connections to the country’s most sought-after talent, while our experience in

human resource management and employee retention ensures you have the support

you need to keep them with your company long term.


You’ve found employees for your operations in China, and now it’s time to welcome

them to your company. Avitus Group will help successfully transition your new employees into

your organization by:

Working with prospects to execute employment contracts

Establishing payroll

Ensuring all required disclosures have been completed

Assisting with benefits selection

Filing social welfare documentation

Training for certain positions

Payroll Administration

Avitus Group China provides corporate payroll services that keep your employees paid on

time and keep you in compliance with Chinese employment regulations. Our team of

trained professionals ensures that your payroll is processed accurately, on time and in

adherence with provincial and federal regulations, including all submissions required to

comply with government agencies.

Human Resources

Handling human resources needs in China from your primary location in the U.S. is challenging for

any business. Fortunately, when you work with Avitus Group, you’ll be able to take advantage

of our years of experience in the Chinese marketplace, human resource

management expertise and breadth of knowledge in working internationally.

Our Chinese human resources services start with employee handbook development then expand to

include workforce program administration, execution and reporting. We can also help

transition new hires by completing applications for working permits and residential

visas for your employees. That makes the process easier on them and on you as their



Are you providing employee benefits for your Chinese workforce? Whether you have a

single employee or a thousand, Avitus Group China can help you take care of your workforce

with competitive benefit plans

Benefit plan administrators take the worry out of protecting and rewarding your

workforce. We use our extensive relationships with Chinese benefits vendors to find and

implement the right plan for you and your staff.

Business Development

When you’re looking to expand in China, we have the talent and knowledge you need

to strategically grow your business. With Avitus Group, you’ll have the advantage of working

with an established, proven team of business professionals who can help you take

your plans from Point A to Point B, C and beyond. Avitus Group China also staffs a team of

marketing and sales experts able to move your products and services throughout the

country via their networks of high-quality contacts.

To talk with a member of our team about how Avitus Group can best assist you in

doing business in China or other international markets, contact us today at

info@avitusgroup.com today.

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