With the right team, finances don’t have to be a frustration.

No matter your business size, accounting can be stressful. But with unique specifications, lack of manpower, and limited access to accounting technology, small business accounting can be even more difficult. If you don’t want to stay up nights teaching yourself how to use accounting software, creating invoices, or paying bills, consider bringing on a member of our accounting team as your trusted advisor.

Let us show you how we can help.

Before taking on their first account, our accounting team members undergo a series of different accounting tests to ensure they can provide accurate and efficient work on your account. Representatives come to you knowing the specifics of your accounting needs to help you grow your business.

Comprehensive Account Management

Our accounting packages are entirely customizable, meaning we build the partnership that is right for you. Whether it’s full management or just enough to allow your in-house bookkeeper to focus on tasks that generate income, our goal is to be your trusted advisor so you can focus on the growth of your business.

Accounts Receivable Monitoring

As your trusted advisor we’ll advise you when an account reaches past due and even connect you with collection agencies when the time comes.


Let us save you the tedium of going through your bank statements with a highlighter. Our accountings “detectives” know where to look for unusual transactions and discrepancies and can help you catch them before they cost you money. Our team will reconcile and cross check all accounts, including, but not limited to: Banking, Credit Card, Loans, Vendor, Receivables and others upon request.

Vendor Account Management

When you bring on Avitus Group to manage your accounting, your representative will help you pay your bills on time and plan ahead, building trust with you and your vendors and improving your cash flow. We will keep you aware of any vendor pricing changes as well.


Keeping your business running means keeping your bank account full. Let us take care of preparing detailed invoices. Our team will monitor your accounts and alert you of any items past due, or payments that are received. Avitus Group will shorten your invoice process to increase efficiency and encourage your company’s growth.

Quarterly, Weekly, or Monthly Reporting

Full transparency regarding the health and status of all your accounts is our priority. Our team guarantees reporting weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Your trusted advisor can also walk you through your financial reports to show you how it applies to the growth of your business.

Your Trusted Advisors

Avitus Group Accounting Services

When you work with Avitus Group’s accounting team, we make your financial success our priority, treat your accounts as we would our own, and work hard to develop a trusting relationship. Our staff is trained in all versions of Quickbooks, including Quickbooks online, giving you the benefit of up-to-date and secure technology. Avitus Group offers a cloud solution for your desktop version of Quickbooks, so you’ll maintain access to your books the entire time. With customizable packages, we can help you as much or as little as you need. Schedule a personal consultation today.

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