Making Strategic Business Decisions Begins with A Clear Understanding of Your Financial Health.

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A quick and easy document to help you stay informed about your business's financial standing.

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Many business owners don't recognize they're in trouble soon enough.

Dont wait until it's too late to balance your books

If you don't know where your finances currently stand, it's impossible to make smart business decisions. In order to prevent the worst case scenario from happening, owners need to be constantly tracking their business's spending and earning. This free Balance Sheet Template will help you keep tabs on what you own and what you owe. Use this free template created by our expert team of accountants and take the guess-work out of your daily decision-making process.

1. Assets

Take all business assets into account so you can determine what you really own. Calculate current assets like cash, accounts receivable and inventory alongside noncurrent assets like property and equipment to get an accurate total of all assets.

2. Liabilities & Owner’s Equity

Determine how much your business owes by calculating your current and noncurrent liabilities, including accounts payable, any short-term loans, income taxes payable and unearned revenue.

3. Common Financial Ratios

Understanding financial ratios can be critical in making quick and accurate decisions. Calculate important financial ratios like your debt ratio, current ratio, working capital and debt-to-equity ratio.

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