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Get a Clear Understanding of Your Business Liquidity

Free Cash Flow Forecast Template

A quick and proven method to get a clear understanding of your business's financial future.

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You've worked hard to get your business this far.

Don't risk your business's health by not understanding your cash flow

Our skilled accounting team has done the work for you! Make accurate predictions about your future financial liquidity using this template without having to spend time laboring over spreadsheet formulas, charts or graphs.

1. Cash Receipts

Cash receipts refer to all transactions in which a business receives cash from a customer, investor, bank or any other external sources. Enter your cash sales, returns and allowances, loan proceeds and collections on accounts receivable for each month to tally up your total cash receipts.

2. Cash Paid Out

Keep track of any and all amounts of cash paid out by your business for anything from advertising, contract labor, insurance and interest expenses to office expenses, rent or lease payments, utilities and wages.

3. Other Operating Data

In addition to the cash coming in and out of your accounts, you’ll need to keep track of your other important overhead expenses such as sales volume, accounts receivable balance, depreciation, inventory on hand and accounts payable balance in order to make accurate predictions about your cash flow.


Cash Flow Forecast Template

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