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Knowing Where You're Heading Starts with a Clear Understanding of Where You Are Now

Free Cash Flow Statement
Spreadsheet Template

The Cash Flow Statement Template is a reliable way to make more accurate and confident financial decisions for your business.

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Set yourself up for success.

Determine your cash position to make bigger (and better) decisions.

A successful business needs to have sufficient cash available at all times in order to grow. The only way to make good decisions is by knowing exactly how much cash is coming in and going out. Use this spreadsheet, created by our team of expert accountants, to begin tracking liquidity and take control of your business's cash flow and financial future today.

1. Operations

What are the principal revenue-generating activities of your business? Quickly calculate the net cash flow from your operations.

2. Investing Activities

Do you have any long-term assets or investments? Calculate your net cash flow from investing activities, such as the purchase or sale of property, collection of principle on loans or making loans to other entities.

3. Financing Activities

Calculate cashflow from activities related to equity or other investments activities such as repaying loans and paying dividends, receiving money from creditors or shareholders or selling company stock.

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