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Free Income Statement Spreadsheet Template

This Income Statement Template is an accurate, user-friendly way to determine the operating performance of your business.

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You've worked hard to get this far.

Make sure you know your income and stay profitable for the long-run.

Our accounting team has taken the headache of Excel out of the equation for you. By using this income statement to keep track of your revenue and expenses, you'll be in a position to make smarter financial decisions for your business to help it grow.

1. Revenue

Calculate your “top line” revenue generated from the sale of your services or products, along with service revenue and interest revenue to see how much money is coming in at a given moment.

2. Expenses

Calculate your immediate expenses such as advertising, cost of goods sold, depreciation, office supplies, payroll taxes, rent, and more to keep track of how much your organization costs to operate.

3. Below-the-line Expenses

Factor in your less common expenses such as income from discontinued operations, effect of accounting changes and other extraordinary items to calculate your below-the-line expenses.



Income Statement Spreadsheet Template

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