Career Highlights

  • Promotion From Payroll Specialist to Inception Specialist 8/2016
  • Promotion to Client Development Specialist 4/2018

Aleena Garey

Client Development Specialist

Life Title:



Billings, Montana

Current Location:

Billings, Montana


Customer Service is a very fulfilling career and my current position allows me to maintain strong positive working relationships with our members/clients. I enjoy having the opportunity to provide them with the Avitus Customer Experience with each interaction. Avitus has provided me with so many opportunities over the years and I am truly thankful for each one.


Billings is the largest city in Montana, but still manages to maintain the small town feel. It was an amazing environment to grow up in, and Montana offers an abundance of opportunities for me as an outdoor enthusiast.


I want the opportunity to get more involved in my community. This will help set a great example for my daughter as she learns and grows by actions.