Career Highlights

  • Promoted from Association and Franchise team to International Project Manager at Avitus Group in January 2016.
  • Previously on the Events Committee at Avitus Group
  • Had the opportunity to work with the City of Billings on their pilot project of Welcome Home Billings – a planning process to end homeless in Billings over a ten year period.

Emily Reynolds

International Project Manager

Life Title:

Wife, Proud Dog Mom, and Traveler


Billings, Montana

Current Location:

Billings, Montana


I get the great opportunity to not only work with the majority of our departments in my day-to-day functions, but also our clients.It’s extremely rewarding to learn about our clients’ passions, why they want to bring their company into the U.S., and then help them make that big next step. I love getting to work hand-in-hand with our teams within Avitus Group each day and feel that what we’re doing makes a huge difference in our clients’ lives and their families’ lives.


I’ve lived in Billings all my life – it’s always been my home. I have a huge level of pride and love for the community because of that, and because of how I watched my parents give back to the community when I was younger. Giving back has always been a big part of my family’s life, and watching our community grow and prosper is such a humbling experience. I want to give back like my parents did and help our community to continue to grow stronger.


I would love to get even more involved in the community with this program. I already really enjoy being a part of groups like AIDSpirit, Angela’s Piazza and The Ramsey Keller Memorial, and I think through this program, I can work more with those groups, and also find groups in the community that haven’t gotten as much attention and find ways to help them. I want to learn from my peers and see ways that they give back to their communities and learn from that. I want to be more aware of things going on in the community that I might not know about. I think this group is a great way to do all of those things.