Career Highlights

  • I coach my son’s soccer team
  • I have been a den leader in cub scouts for five years now. My son will be transitioning to boy scouts in the soon, and I will continue to volunteer with them.
  • I was elected to Eta Chi Chapter of Delta Mu Delta for high scholastic achievement in my MBA program.
  • I have been “Soldier of the Year” during my tenure in the reserves
  • NCO of the year when I moved up in the ranks

JJ Hutzenbiler

Chief Financial Officer

Life Title:

Father, husband and all around fun loving guy


Billings, Montana

Current Location:

Billings, Montana


I have always been one that is passionate about numbers and balance. I took my first “accounting” class in 7th grade and came home and told my mom I wanted to be an accountant. She laughed at me when I said that; but the rest is history.


Billings and Montana in general is such a community-oriented state. It is a large city for Montana but still maintains that small town feel. I love that about living here.


I hope to inspire others to see that they can be more than just somebody that stands by on the side lines and watches things happen; but can aspire to making things happen.