Career Highlights

I am a Volunteer Board member for Seventh Day Adventist School

Lori Wetherington

HR & Account Administrator

Life Title:

Community Supporter


Fairbanks, Alaska

Current Location:

Fairbanks, Alaska


My passion is to help people in my community through mentoring and working on projects that are near and dear to my heart. Avitus gives me the skills and the support for this mission. I enjoy working with my clients in the Fairbanks area, and giving and receiving support from my co-workers. I believe it takes all of our skills and talents to work and support each other to become an amazing team; One that listens, serves and shows appreciation to all clients, co-workers and community projects.


I love my community because I raised my family here and I call it home. My eldest daughter just completed her Physician’s Assistant schooling and is now working in the community giving back to help sick people. my daughter Mallory and son Wyatt are both working in this community and my husband is a Military Veteran. I also love to help underprivileged people by supporting the Love Inc. program and by mentoring homeless families and providing them with skills and encouragement to make better life choices to help their family and themselves succeed. I also have a passion for working with people with PTSD and horse therapy. There has been great work in this area to increases the quality of life from people who suffer from this disease. I also assist with the prevention of suicide. Each year the numbers continue to rise. It is my goal to plant more awareness in this area and prevent another life from being needlessly taken. I also volunteer at the local Food Bank, packing boxes.


I am hoping to change lives in this community. Through Avitus, I want to listen, serve and show appreciation to these great causes, to encourage people that there is hope for the hopeless, treatment for the needy, honor and help for the Veterans suffering from PTSD. Let the toll on death stop for people who suffer from this disease. I know with Avitus Group’s help, we can and will make a difference. I know firsthand that one volunteer at a time can move a mountain.