Avitus Group Ambassadors

We are a community of professionals who spend a life-changing year together working, volunteering in our communities and growing both personally and professionally. This is a prestigious program available exclusively to Avitus Group employees with a limited number of ambassadors selected each year.

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Peter Green

Billings, Montana

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Dedria “Spoon” Barker

Anchorage, Alaska

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Tami Keehn

Billings, Montana

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Russ Morris

Billings, Montana

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Macy Krzyznieski

Aurora, Colorado

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Gabrielle Sanchez

Billings, Montana

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David Reynolds

Anchorage, Alaska

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Jennifer Marlette

Bellevue, Washington

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Jacki Elliott

Billings, Montana

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Chansie Van Dyke

Billings, Montana

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Dayna Ott

Aurora, Colorado

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Andrew Lindley

Billings, Montana

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Widney Hawthorne

San Diego, California

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Melanie Seiter

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Ambassador Committee

Dianne Parker | email
Public Relations

Dee Hudson | email
Acquisitions Team

Emily Heller | email
Internal HR Team

Teal Francis | email
Member Development

Amy Efroymson | email
Professional Acceleration Team

Dawn Holden | email
Corporate Headquarters

Chris Balster | email
Business Development & Multiple Markets