Career Highlights

  • Promoted twice in 2 years
  • Created 2 payroll admin opportunities: 1. Inception admin 2. Admin team lead
  • Employee of the Quarter 2014
  • Co-Employee of the Quarter 2015
  • Corporate Michael Welsh Award Nominee 2015

Chansie Van Dyke

Business Development Analyst

Life Title:

Montana-Loving Wife, Mom & Employee


Hysham, Montana

Current Location:

Billings, Montana


I am passionate about my work because I love what I do. Avitus Group is very family oriented, and I have never had to fear missing a life event for work, like I have in past careers. Additionally, there are endless opportunities to grow, with new positions emerging constantly.


I just want to strive to be a nice person. It costs $0 to be a decent human being, and if I can show people that it is easy to be kind, maybe they will turn around and be kind to someone else. Whether it is through volunteering or just everyday life, I want to help make a positive impact on Billings, then Montana, then the country and, eventually, the world. I am always passionate about helping my family and friends, and I welcome any opportunity to expand beyond that. I want Billings to be the best possible place to raise my kids, and I want everyone to know that Avitus Group took part in that effort.


I make it a goal every day to grow personally and professionally. I am a passionate person and put everything I’ve got into anything I step into.

On the Horizon

I want to learn more about each department at Avitus Group and I would like to mentor and inspire others on finding the positive in life.