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Committed to helping small and medium sized business owners in Alaska simplify, strengthen & grow their businesses

You love owning and operating your own business. It means you get to focus on what you’re passionate about every day and make your own decisions. It also means you’re working nights and weekends trying to stay on top of paperwork, making sure spreadsheets balanced and payroll is taken care of. You didn’t go into business to get stuck in the weeds. We’re here to help you do more of the things you love by taking the time-consuming back office administrative paperwork off your plate so you can get back to growing your business.

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Co-employer (PEO) in the Anchorage Metropolitan Area, AK

You think big picture, we'll take care of the paperwork details.

Our most unique and popular service offering at Avitus Group, the co-employer relationship allows you to concentrate solely on generating revenue and growing your business, while we take care of the nonproductive administrative paperwork details.

By becoming the employer of record, we become legally responsible for the risks, liabilities and obligations that fall under administrative duties like human resources, payroll, safety & risk management and administering employee benefits. You can once again focus on being the best at what you do, while we handle the rest.

Payroll Services in Dgheyay Kaq'

Take a vacation at the end of every pay period – you’ve earned it.

Payroll is an important task that every business owner has to prioritize in order to keep the whole operation running. However, it doesn’t make your business any money, and requires lots of time and energy. Avitus Payroll is intended to give you this lost time back, and ensure that the payroll process is reliable, efficient and convenient. 

Our cloud-based platform enables you to manage all of the payroll functions accurately and efficiently, saving precious time and money. Our system is flexible, robust and tailored to your needs in a way that makes the whole payroll process as simple as possible.

Accounting Services in Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer and Sterling

With the right team behind you, finances don’t have to be a frustration.

Studies show that a professional accounting team increases the likelihood of success twice as likely for small businesses. Having more accurate financial data allows businesses to respond to situations strategically and improve overall performance. Our team of professional accountants at Avitus Group can give you that kind of clarity.

We work closely with you to understand your business and become a trusted financial advisor. This allows you to have the confidence that all of your strategic business decisions are based on timely and accurate financial information, while having the peace-of-mind that an expert is always there to provide assistance and careful guidance every step of the way.

Marketing & Branding Services in the Anchorage Area

Get a team of marketing experts for the salary of one.

Marketing efforts have a measurable impact on your business’s growth and bottom line. But how far are your marketing dollars really going?

Our marketing team is made up of creatives and strategists, all of whom share the goal of generating revenue and growth for our clients. Whether we’re developing a website, implementing social media ad campaigns, or creating video ads, we aim to provide you with a significant return on your investment.

Recruiting Services for Businesses in the Anchorage Borough

Want to be the best? Then hire the best.

Finding the best candidates for your company takes time, resources and a great deal of expertise. From creating job descriptions and placing ads to reading resumes and pre-screening candidates, we can do the heavy-lifting for you.

Whether you’re looking to fill positions for office assistants, managers or CEOs, our recruiting service in Anchorage is ready to help you find the perfect fit for your organization.

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simplify, strengthen and grow your business.

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