sponsoring job listings, reviewing applications, scheduling interviews…

Snagging the perfect employee is complicated and time-consuming.

Whether you’re hiring a cashier, a skilled laborer, a creative professional, or an executive, you’ll often run into the same challenges:

  • Attracting qualified candidates
  • Engaging the right candidates
  • Maintaining compliance with hiring laws
  • Communicating, scheduling, and conducting interviews
  • Filling the position quickly (even with the right candidate, it can take months)

Recruiting through Avitus Group has been a refreshing change from past recruiting experiences. Avitus Group recruiting is a service that allowed me to continue my day to day work and not be burdened with the challenges of posting job openings and screening applicants. Prior to posting a job opening, Avitus Group obtains a complete understanding of the company and job description through well-thought, pointed questions. This preparation allows Avitus Group to post a fine-tuned job opening and expertly screen applicants. The whole process is very streamlined and quick. No waiting for my request to reach the appropriate person or wondering when my job would be posted. Within minutes of my request for a job posting, I was contacted to learn more about the position and the job was posted immediately. I was provided with applicant updates in real time as they came in. Avitus Group even helped to schedule applicant interviews, pre-employment screenings, and provide official job offers. Avitus Group recruiting is a service I am grateful to have and has set a new standard of excellence in staffing my business.

– Amanda R. Dinsdale, MHA, CCRC, CRCP

Montana Cancer Consortium

Regardless of the industry we understand that hiring is a human capital product that requires personal human touch.

We think like the job seeker, and we’re able to understand what they’re looking for so we’re able to match them up to your fit – the business owner. Contact us now to get started.

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