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Creating an Effective Call to Action

creating an effective call to action

The call to action is often considered one of the most important – and most overlooked – aspects of online lead generation.

A call to action is the statement, phrase or design that prompts potential sales leads into contacting you, and it’s critical to get right if you want to see any leads or sales generated from your website.

Use Active Language in Your Call to Action

Remember: Action is active. So, don’t be passive and expect stellar results. Active language commands the reader to do something directly – it doesn’t refer to things in passing or from a third-party point of view. Instead, it compels them to take action.

Passive (Bad): “Our Product Will Save You Time and Money”
Active (Good): “Save Time and Money!”

Passive (Bad): “Customers Who’ve Tried Our Product Love It”
Active (Good): “Try Our Product – You’ll Love It!”

Speak in Benefits, Not Features

People buy holes, not drills, right? Make sure your call to action also speaks to the most important benefits for the customer, the ones that alleviate their pain points.

For every feature of your product, ask “Why will the customer want this?” When you’ve answered it, ask it again and again, until you can’t drill down any further. This is the best way to get to the core benefits of a product.

Be Specific: Use Facts and Numbers

Numerous studies have shown that cold, hard facts – especially presented in numeric form – contribute to higher conversion rates.

Weak: “Our Products Will Make You Money!”
Powerful: “85% of Customers Make Their Money Back Within 30 Days!”

Speak Directly to the Customer

“You” is one of the most powerful words in sales language.

Weak: “Customers absolutely love our product.”
Strong: “You will absolutely love our product.”

Weak: “Our product is designed to increase sales quickly.”
Strong: “Watch YOUR sales increase in as little as a week!”

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