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Start Social Media With a Plan

One of the most common mistakes companies make in regard to social media is starting without a plan.

Some typical scenarios:

  1. You hear someone talking about how much success they’ve had with social media.
  2. Your boss comes in and says, “We need to get on that FaceTube or YouBook thing, and you need to take care of it.”
  3. You realize that your old advertising methods aren’t working and you need something new.

And off you go. Without a plan. However, the thing about social media marketing is that it cuts both ways – it’s better to not do it all than do it poorly.

The Right Questions

  1. What are my goals for social media?
  2. Who is my customer?
  3. Where is my customer active in social media?
  4. What information does my customer want to know?

Let’s dig into these questions…

What are my goals for social media?

A couple of metrics to track and set goals for:


  1. # of connections/fans/followers
  2. # of people on your email list
  3. # of comments/likes/share of your content


  1. # of online sales if you have an online store
  2. # of new customers coming into your store

Who is my customer?

It’s not everyone. You might take everyone’s money, but that doesn’t mean you should be working with everyone or that everyone will buy your product or service. Build a profile of your best customer: age, sex, likes, occupation et cetera.

Where is my customer active on social media?

Ask them. On social media, in your store, in meetings with them, in emails…anywhere you come in contact with your customers.

What does my customer want to know?

This will depend on your business. Bars need to let people know what specials, events and music they have coming up. Clothing stores should share sales, dressing tips. Real Estate agents can share tips for lowering mortgage rates, et cetera.

You can do some of the following to find out what your customers are interested in.

  1. Ask them
  2. – search based on your business type and keyword phrases
  3. Do a Google search with the keyword phrases for your business – look for social media sites that could be a good fit:
  • “Keyword phrase” blog
  • “Keyword phrase” forum
  • “keyword phrase” video
  • “keyword phrase” news

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