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No matter the size or type of the company you own, there are certain risks and responsibilities of doing business. Ideally, the financial rewards you’re receiving more than make up for the risk, but you may still be bogged down trying to manage the endless administrative duties that come with running a company.

Under a co-employment agreement, we become the employer of record for your company. That means we take on the responsibility of managing the tasks traditionally associated with human resources, including processing payroll and tax information, handling worker’s compensation claims, maintaining personnel records and administering benefits.

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Human Resources services include assistance with employee performance evaluations, compensation ranges, background checks, employment law compliance, unemployment claims, and trainings as needed or required.

“I’m in the co-employment relationship with Avitus Group, which safeguards me against wrongful termination suits and such. The cost is nominal, and well worth the peace of mind. Additionally, they help me with HR, OSHA compliance, and all the nitty gritty business stuff, so I can focus on growing my company.”


Avitus Group Co-Employment Services

Reduce the risks associated with incorrect financial reporting, employee disputes, or failure to comply with government agency requirements. Partnering with Avitus Group in a co-employment relationship frees you up to do what is most important to you: growing and strengthening your dream business. You will continue to manage the day-to-day activities of your employees and will always have the rights to approve or veto a decision before it becomes final. Avitus Group also offers a range of other services, including marketing, branding, information technology, and international planning. Schedule a personal consultation today.

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