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Eli Johnson

Vice President of Avitus Group

Managing Time & Noise

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What Will You Learn from Eli?


The Costs of Ambient Noise

Requests, demands, urgent matters (real and perceived), ringing phones and overflowing inboxes – noise. As a business leader, it gets hard to recognize what is important, what must be done, and even who must do it. Eli shares how he and successful businesses he’s worked with lower the ambient noise to hear what’s most important.


Your Margin for Creativity

Creative problem solving and new solutions are the lifeblood of SMB leaders, but it requires space to think. Eli dives into his tips on learning to trust your team, refining delegation and removing obstacles to increase your margin for creativity.


Time. Friend or foe?

Time is your friend, if you treat it right. Eli examines successful business leaders that have proven that by using their time to focus on their strengths they can create more growth. He’ll also share some of his personal time management secrets that will help you flip the script on how you treat time – and how it treats you.

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Meet Eli Johnson

Vice President of Avitus Group

Meet Eli Johnson

Vice President of Avitus Group

Since receiving his degree from Carrol College, Eli Johnson has been a key player at Avitus Group in a range of capacities. Today, as Vice President, Eli approaches his role dedicated to providing a tremendous level of service to employees and clients alike.

A lifetime resident of Montana, Eli and his wife are passionate about raising their two young daughters in Big Sky Country and spending as much time together hiking and skiing in the mountains as possible.

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