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Commitment to Community

Avitus Group Supports SafeHouse Denver; Adopts Two Families this Holiday Season

Avitus Group’s team in Aurora, Colorado adopted two families in need this holiday season through SafeHouse Denver. The non-profit organization’s mission is to assist adults, children and youth in reclaiming their right to a life free from domestic violence.

SafeHouse Denver was born out of the community’s desperate need for an emergency shelter for women and children living with domestic violence. Community professionals were working with large numbers of women on a variety of issues, and found that the underlying problem was actually domestic violence. However, there was no safe place for these women to go to escape the violence in their own homes. There was also no language with which to truly articulate their experiences.

Since 1977, SafeHouse Denver has…

  • Provided women and children with more than 333,000 nights of shelter;
  • Served over 41,000 adults, children and youth at our shelter and non-residential counseling center;
  • Answered over 405,600 calls to our 24-Hour Crisis and Information Line;
  • and benefitted from over 64,250 volunteer hours.

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