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Commitment to Community

UPDATE: 20 Days of Giving Campaign

You may recall our Alaska Zoo Animal Adoption campaign (20 days of giving) leading up to Christmas this year where we adopted 20 animals at the Zoo for children spending the holidays at The Children’s Hospital at Providence Health & Services Alaska in Anchorage. We paired the adoption certificate with a stuffed polar bear. All funds went to the zoo’s education efforts and it was something positive for children facing tough medical times.

One of those children (Jens) and his mother (Jolene) reached out to say thank you…and we wanted to share his story: Jens Daniel Hildreth’s story.

If you missed the animal adoption campaign, you can see it on the company Facebook page. Jens recently visited the Alaska Zoo while visiting Anchorage for medical care. We hope you enjoy the cute photos from his trip, as well as some photos from the #20daysofgiving campaign. 




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