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Commitment to Community

Business Community Rallies for “Ultimate Sleepover”

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The business community in Billings, Montana is joining forces to give 32 underprivileged children the ultimate sleepover experience July 12th, 2017 at Metra Park. The event is hosted by
Blankets & Bears and Ashley HomeStore and is called the Hope to Dream Sleepover. Ashley HomeStore is donating a twin bed, a memory foam mattress and a pillow for each child. Blankets & Bears is sewing 32 NFL-themed handmade fleece blankets, sheets and pillowcase sets for each bed, representing the 32 teams in the NFL. The kids, who are nominated by the community, will sleep on the brand new beds at the Metra (along with enjoying pizza, movies, games, etc.) during the ultimate sleepover party, and the next morning Ashley Homestore is set to deliver the beds to their homes. The event is a complete surprise to the recipients.

Avitus Group is donating several items to make the ultimate sleepover extra special for each child, and the company is encouraging the business community to do the same. Avitus Group’s donations include a movie/DVD for each child (Selection includes Moana, The Secret Life of Pets, SING, The Lego Batman, Trolls and Pete’s Dragon) and a Fandango gift certificate for each child to use at the movie theater. Avitus Group is also donating a Red Carpet Backyard Family Movie Night Rental to one lucky child via a drawing during the sleepover. The backyard movie package is a chance for the family to host a private movie showing in the backyard on a 12-foot screen (perfect for birthday parties) while enjoying fresh-popped popcorn courtesy of Firefly Outdoor Movie Company. The family can invite up to 100 friends and family members.

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Avitus Group is encouraging the business community to get involved via volunteering and/or making a donation.

Business Community Donations
Ashley HomeStore: 32 twin beds, memory foam mattresses, pillows
Avitus Group: 32 movies/DVD’s, 32 Fandango Gift Cards & 1 Red Carpet Back Yard Family Movie Night Rental (for drawing)
The Spoke Shop: bicycles
Wal-Mart: bicycles
Wal-Mart (Heights):  extra bedding
Albertsons: 32 $50 gift cards
Domino’s Pizza: Pizza for the sleepover
Scheels: 32 NFL Footballs
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Donations Needed
Please fill out Sponsorship Form and/or contact Sandy McCaffree:
Bike helmets
Back to school clothing
Back to school supplies
Decorations (NFL-themed)

Volunteers Needed
Apply for a volunteer position here

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