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Commitment to Community

Team Avitus Group Takes the Polar Bear Plunge in Seward, Alaska; Raises Money for the American Cancer Society

Team Avitus Group and team leader Dedria “Spoon” Barker helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society on a cold, January Day in Seward Alaska by taking the Polar Bear Plunge into the icy waters of Resurrection Bay! 24 teams raised more than $107,000 to help fight cancer.

“It was about 23 degrees and luckily there wasn’t any wind. It was actually a beautiful day in Seward and all for such a great cause to help the American Cancer Society fund cancer research. If jumping into 38.4 degree water that has ice forming on the surface means saving lives, I’m all about that,” says Avitus Group Relay for Life team member Dedria “Spoon” Barker. “It was an added bonus to have a little fun dressing up as mermaids and winning first place for costumes!”

Barker says ice had to be removed multiple times for the jumpers to take the plunge.

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