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Commitment to Community

Yellowstone Valley Day of Giving is Here!

Each year, individuals and companies around Yellowstone valley come together to celebrate the spirit of giving in our local communities through the Yellowstone Valley Day of Giving.  Avitus Group is proud to sponsor this day, organized by the Billings Community Foundation, which has become a powerful source of funding for dozens of non-profit agencies in our local communities.  This 24 hour online and on-site live celebration of giving is focused on connecting community members with area non-profits.  Avitus Group encourages each of its employees to make a small gift in celebration of this day.  We are proud to be reinforcing the value of philanthropic giving, community engagement, and collaborative impact for the benefit of the greater Yellowstone valley region of Montana!  To donate, simply click here to go to the Yellowstone Valley Gives website and choose your favorite charity.  Then help us spread the word to your friends and family!  Together, Avitus Group and its employees make a difference in their communities.

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