Avitus Dental Announces Virtual Billing Services

Virtual Billing Services Aims to Alleviate Major Pain Points Experienced by Dental Practices While Improving Profitability

New service boosts bottom line while making financial aspect of dentistry easier for doctors and staff; service offers continually educated experts in the ever-changing insurance & billing industry, secure technologies when remoting into practice management software and improved efficiency to decrease write-offs and increase cash flow.

Please read our PRESS RELEASE for more information.

“Avitus Group keeps the pulse on what type of support businesses and industries need to succeed. Secure virtual billing and Accounts Receivable management (A/R management) is the number one pain point dental practices face nationwide. Avitus Dental is alleviating that pain point and helping dental offices nationwide to become more profitable in this very competitive field, while improving the patient experience,” says President of Avitus Business Services, Inc. Ken Balster.

Avitus Dental launched Virtual Billing Services in 2018 under the direction of Director of Avitus Dental Kim McCleskey, who has nearly three decades of experience as a dental consultant. The service utilizes the latest and most secure technologies to access dental practice software, send claims and seamlessly manage all A/R related tasks.

“Patient confidentiality and the HIPAA Privacy Act is top priority. Because Avitus Dental is committed to protecting the HIPAA privacy act of its members and clients, we insist that all dental billing specialists work from our secure corporate headquarters in the Denver metro area,” says Director of Avitus Dental Kim McCleskey.

About Avitus Dental
Avitus Dental was created with a single purpose: to help dentists across the country simplify, strengthen and grow their practices. Through Avitus Dental, dental practices have the ability to create a thriving business while being able to focus on their primary purpose: delivering exceptional dental care. Avitus Dental Services include Virtual Billing and A/R Management; Practice Management Services; Dental Business Mastery Courses; Accounting; Branding & Marketing; Co-Employment; Human Resources; Information Technology; International Planning; Payroll; Recruiting & Training; Risk & Safety Management and Tax Planning & Preparation. Avitus Dental is an Avitus Group company.

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