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Commitment to Community, Company Headlines

Avitus Group Announces 2019 Ambassadors & Alumni Mentors

Fourteen Avitus Group Ambassadors Selected to Represent Company Nationwide in Local Communities

Avitus Group Ambassador Program Encourages Volunteer Involvement in Local Communities as well as Provides Opportunities for Employee Ambassadors to Grow Personally and Professionally


“Our ambassadors are making positive impacts across the globe, and we’re grateful to have the power of this program helping to carry out the vision of our company. Our vision is to listen, serve and show appreciation to create an extraordinary service experience for our members, internally for our team members and for the communities we serve. We have created a culture where we always strive to provide an extraordinary experience,” says Avitus Group Alumni Ambassador and Vice President of Operations Andrew Lindley.

“The Avitus Group Ambassador Program is a community of professionals who spend a life-changing year together working, volunteering in their local communities across the United States and growing both personally and professionally,” says Avitus Group Ambassador Committee Member and Public Relations Manager Dianne Parker. “Our committee is excited to announce the 2019 group of ambassadors, as well as the highest performing 2018 ambassadors who will continue on as alumni and stay connected and engaged with their local communities, clients and co-workers. The alumni also serve as mentors for the next class of ambassadors.”


Each ambassador is encouraged to select key ambassador projects that are designed to focus on three key areas: work, volunteer and grow. The program’s inaugural group of ambassadors in 2018 lead the way in helping 60+ community organizations nationwide via volunteer efforts. The program provides ongoing opportunities for each class of ambassadors.

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