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Avitus Group Announces Enhancements to Tax Services

We truly enjoy helping our clients simplify, strengthen and grow their businesses via the numerous services we provide, and assisting with your individual tax return preparation.

We are excited to share enhancements we are making to our tax services. To achieve our #1 goal of delivering an extraordinary service experience to our clients, we have: 

  • Expanded our team of high-level tax advisors, boosting our collective experience to more than 200 years and collective tax savings to more than $1 billion;
  • Added more CPAs to oversee and perform our tax preparation, accounting, business advisory, and payroll services;
  • Optimized our coordination of services to deliver broader support for all client needs; and
  • Created a platform and are launching other programs to actively share your success stories via the power of social media and our professional networks. Our commitment to help our clients grow is strong. One way we can assist is by simply sharing the outstanding things our clients are doing and creating. If you are a client and you have great news you would like us to share, such as a new product launch, an award, or an expansion into a new market, we’d like to hear from you. Please visit the link in this paragraph for more information.

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We're confident we can help. With our large group buying power we're able to help small and medium size businesses offer great benefit packages to their employees while keeping the costs reasonable.

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