Avitus Group Expands Presence in the Midwest and on the West Coast


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Professional business services leader Avitus Group has broadened its reach in the Midwest and on the West Coast with the acquisition of a leading tax firm, Fanska CPA LLC, with offices in Kansas, Missouri and California.

“This acquisition strengthens Avitus Group’s tax services measurably by adding a number of offices and tax professionals that have exceptional experience and knowledge,” says Avitus Group Public Relations Manager Dianne Parker. “In turn, these offices will now have the full weight of Avitus Group resources, from best practices to network security, behind them.”

Avitus Group has added two dozen tax professionals, including full-time and seasonal tax preparers and tax specialists with extensive experience and longstanding relationships with clients and employees alike.

“The expertise we are adding is significant—we’re talking about people with 30 or 40 years of experience,” says Avitus Group Senior Tax Manager Jim Liddell. “They have been offering the same type of knowledge and sound advice Avitus Group customers expect for a long time, which makes them a perfect fit.”

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