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Avitus Group HR Expert Trudi Curcione Featured in New York City Area Business Journal

NJBIZ, a journal dedicated to business in the New Jersey and New York City area, recently published an article that included a quote from one of Avitus Group’s very own HR experts, Trudi Curcione.

The article, which discusses changes in employer drug testing policies as a response to cannabis reform, highlights recent changes to medical marijuana policies in the New York area and discusses the potential liability employers may leave themselves open to if they are excluding candidates based on medical needs.

“Because of the very tight labor market that we’re in now, some employers are deciding to take marijuana out of the testing process,” NJBIZ quotes Curcione as saying. “You have to make a decision based on your industry, and if it’s a safety-sensitive position.”

Curcione is a valued Avitus Group team member who works from our Hassenback, NJ office.

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