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Avitus Group Launches Monthly Expert Forum Online

Monthly Expert Forum Calls on Business Owners Nationwide to Engage in Live Trainings to Keep up with Latest HR Law & Business Management Trends


“Avitus Group exists to help businesses simplify, strengthen and grow. We specialize in helping business owners refocus their time on growth. Our monthly Expert Forums are presented by our experts and are designed to give quick tips to busy executives, business owners and managers so they can continue to stay in compliance and keep up with the latest trends, while focusing the bulk of their attention on business growth,” says Avitus Group Executive Vice President of Business Development Travis Bruyere.

Each monthly forum is limited to 200 attendees and online registration is required. For those who register, but can’t attend, there is a replay option.

Check back here for more information about upcoming Avitus Group Business Matters topics and register via the links below.


January: How to Hire Millennials & Modernize Your Business with the Next Generation
February: The #1 Threat to your Company Culture: A Difficult/Toxic Employee
March: Cut the Confusion and Make Digital Marketing Meaningful
April: The Biggest 5 Accounting Mistakes Most Businesses Make 
May:  Myth-Busting: The Hard Truth Behind Finding the Best Talent
June: 5 Common HR Mistakes Made by Employers 
July: What Happens When OSHA Visits: Register  

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