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We love to share our client’s success stories as we help them to simplify, strengthen and grow their businesses. Please take a moment to see what some of our most successful members are up to when it comes to milestones, company news and awards. Do you have a success story you would like us to share? Please email it to


Sissie’s Cleaning Services – Billings, Montana 

Congrats to Sissie’s Cleaning Services on receiving the Best of Billings 2018 award! Cindie Boyer and her team are the cleaning pros you can trust to do great work. No one knows how to keep a home clean and organized better than a mom…especially a mom of seven. Cindie created Sissie’s Cleaning Services to help other busy homeowners keep their living spaces looking their best…something that is much easier to focus on while Avitus Group takes care of the back office hassles of running a small business. Our Accounting and Tax Services teams are proud to serve Sissie’s Cleaning Services. We appreciate your business. Congrats!


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