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New Cloud-Based Payroll Service Launched

Avitus Group Launches Cloud-Based Payroll Service as Payroll Technology Transforms Payroll Industry; Avitus Payroll Offers Customization, Accuracy & Strategic Advantage

Avitus Group, a leading provider of co-employment and professional business services in the U.S. and worldwide, is launching a new cloud-based, automated payroll solution to augment the company’s fully managed payroll services. Avitus Payroll officially launched in January of 2017 and provides automated self-service for the payroll function, with a dedicated support expert attached.

“Avitus Group’s new solution offers a balance between fully managed payroll services and most cloud-based, automated solutions on the market that leave many companies out in the cold,” says Avitus Group Public Relations Manager Dianne Parker. “As one of the largest employers in the co-employment industry, we’re thrilled to roll out another service that will help businesses simplify, strengthen and grow.”

Avitus Payroll functions include preauthorization, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on communications and full disaster recovery including multi-backup data storage. It also includes direct deposit, timekeeping, biometric security features and integration with QuickBooks. Customized options are also available. For more information, please read our official press release.


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