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Our Biggest Fans – What our Clients are Saying

We love our fans and we love that they love our services! Thanks to our loyal customers for supporting Avitus Group. We take pride in helping businesses to simplify, strengthen and grow.

  • Vice President of Shareholder Development, Carol Wren, with Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) in Alaska, is a big fan of Avitus Professional Acceleration TWOW (Training Without Walls) Leadership Development training program. 
    “Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) has been a long time partner with Lynne Curry and now the Avitus Group in providing Leadership Development Training for the people of Bristol Bay since 1994. Lynne helped create the Training Without Walls Program and has partnered with BBNC to offer relevant, meaningful and impactful leadership education that has led to the success of leaders in our corporations, tribal organizations and in our communities across Bristol Bay. Our students not only get hands on training with qualified instructors, but also get access to one-on-one coaching to give feedback and coaching help for students as they continue in their careers and growth in leadership experience. Many students have expressed how much the Training Without Walls has changed their lives, changed their perspective and helped them to grow in their leadership path. We recommend the Avitus Group for their experience, professionalism and quality education they provide.


    Thank you Carol for your kind words! Bristol Bay Native Corporation is a responsible Alaska Native investment corporation dedicated to the mission of “Enriching Our Native Way of Life.” We invite you to learn more. 

  • Doyon Utilities, LLC’s Human Resources Director Martina Coiley is a fan of Avitus Group Regional Director of Training & Business Consulting Lynne Curry’s “Supervisors’ Training.”

“Lynne Curry did a fantastic job developing the sessions and the materials for our diverse group of supervisors. She adjusted her speaking points as needed to tailor to each groups’ training needs. It was evident how quickly our team connected with Lynne by how employees engaged and participated with activities. Her methodology helped DU supervisors understand their roles and responsibilities when presented with employee conflicts as well as resolution tactics to help our team work more effectively with our workforce. This training exceeded our expectations. We’re looking forward to working with Lynne in the future.”

 Thank you Martina! Please take a moment and learn how Doyon Utilities, LLC serves the military communities in Alaska. 


  • Montana Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Treasurer Katie Opp is a fan of Avitus Group Regional Director of Training & Business Consulting Lynne Curry’s engaging, interactive & lower cost GoTo Training Workshops.  “Dealing with Difficult People” Training

“Thank you so much for your presentation! In regards to the live versus webinar version of your workshop, I have had the opportunity to experience both. As you know, I attended your live presentation first as an interpreter and realized how beneficial your information would be to our Montana community of professionals and parents that work with and support deaf/hard-of-hearing children and adults. Our state organization was looking for a webinar topic and I just knew it would be a great fit. Part of me wondered how it would compare to the live version because you are so interactive with your audience members, but I was pleasantly surprised that the interaction was still as effective and genuine. As technology has advanced, our organization has enjoyed doing webinars to avoid travel and lodging costs, snowy roads, along with distance and scheduling barriers. It is good to see that presenters, like yourself, are finding ways to be engaging and interactive. Thanks again for your wonderful presentation! I have plans to practice your strategies to improve myself as a professional, advocate, and parent. I hope many more people will continue to benefit from your workshops.”

Thank you Katie! Please take a moment and learn how MRID is serving Montana. 


  • Community Connections Executive Director Bess Clark is a fan of the Avitus Group Clean Communications Training provided by Regional Director of Training & Business Consulting Lynne Curry. 
“The training you provided was very interactive even though you weren’t here in person. Nothing like a boring webinar! We had it set up on our videoconference equipment, and everyone was able to hear each other pretty well, and see you clearly. I thought you did a marvelous job of learning each person’s name and interacted well with both Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan folks. It was particularly helpful when you gave our staff instructions on what communication technique to practice, and then let them practice for 5-10 minutes within small groups. Definitely helped the time pass more quickly! Along with that, you provided a slideshow and handouts to keep employees engaged. The end exercise, where we went around the room and committed to one action we’ll take to improve our own communication skills, was also helpful. We learned a lot during this training, but the key is to retain that information, and I think the end exercise addressed that.”

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