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Sustainability: Avitus Group Goes Green With Paperless Payroll, Electronic Timekeeping, E-Filing & Beyond

Not only has Avitus Group gone paperless with the company’s own departments such as payroll, recruiting and human resources; Avitus Group is also encouraging its client companies to use electronic processes to cut down on paper

“The numbers of employees we pay through our payroll services via direct deposit has risen by over 25% since 2015 alone and is now at nearly 88% overall,” says Avitus Group Payroll Manager Jewell Christensen. “Just between direct deposit, electronic payroll reporting and electronic hiring, we estimate we’re saving around 56,000 pieces of paper every month—over 670,000 per year.”

Avitus Group’s paperless efforts are widespread in various departments throughout the company and also among client companies.

“I believe our electronic document management effort has eliminated the printing of over 1 million pieces of paper per year overall,” says Avitus Inc. President Don Reile. “Companies are big consumers of energy and resources, so the more we can do to limit that use the better. We also recycle in the office and have automatic lights that turn off when someone leaves the room. Every little bit helps.”

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