Avitus Group One of Only 84 Co-employment Companies Nationwide to Receive Prestigious Certification

Avitus Group Honored with CPEO Designation After Rigorous Internal Revenue Service Application Process; Voluntary Certification Aimed at Providing Excellent Service While Meeting High Standards and Benchmarks Set by IRS

Avitus Group Senior Vice President of Finance Steve Bentley

“The Internal Revenue Service has given Avitus Group the CPEO status because we’ve met IRS standards and requirements for tax status, background, experience, business location, financial reporting, bonding and additional requirements,” says Avitus Group Senior Vice President of Finance Steve Bentley. “This level of service and accountability is something we have always held our company to day in and day out as we provide top notch service to our clients. However, the acknowledgement of the government that we meet these new benchmarks for this industry is additional public ensurance and a step in the right direction for the business community and the co-employment industry, and we’re very proud to have achieved this high level of certification available to our industry.”

Please read the official press release for more information.

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