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Preparing to Hire During (and After) COVID-19

Alex Mozota
Alex Mozota

Small business owners would have been hard-pressed to foresee the arrival of COVID-19 in the United States, much less to prepare for it adequately.  Today, we are living and working in an uncertain environment, navigating the daily changes as best we can.

Here’s what we do know: there will be a day—hopefully soon—when we put this behind us. There will be a recovery. We know it because a look at history proves it to be true.



So what can small- and medium-sized business owners be doing in the meantime as it relates to staffing and hiring?  Prepare to compete for talent in what will be a new landscape.

Going online.

Many companies are continuing to operate by virtue of moving in whole or in part to a remote work environment. It’s a “test” that has opened the eyes for a lot of business owners who never anticipated they would or could operate in a virtual environment. Use this time to evaluate at what level remote operations might benefit your company—and what qualifications new hires would need in order to make it work.

Is your business equipped to conduct online job interviews?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has opened eyes about remote operations, the recruiting industry has already been making the most of online tools to interview candidates. Explore apps like Zoom, Slack, and GoToMeeting that allow you to vet and hire the kinds of workers who will ensure the continuity of your business.

Review your job descriptions.

When’s the last time you took a good hard look at what skills you’re asking your new hires to have? At Avitus Group, we’ve evaluated attitude and aptitude as markers of long-term hires in the past, but it’s crucial now more than ever you hire talent that will be challenged and grow with your company.  Also—your job descriptions should never be used as your job postings. The former is for your HR team only, while the latter can be used as a marketing tool to attract the best candidates for your business.

How’s your onboarding process?

Best practices for businesses of all sizes are to have a six-month onboarding plan for every employee that includes proper training, regular check-ins, clear goals, and frequent objective reviews.  A healthy onboarding plan helps to ensure your new employees reach productivity levels faster and decreases staff turnover. Seem like a monumental task?  Start with a 30-day plan and go from there.

Stay optimistic.

Despite the negative news that seems to be coming at us all from every direction, all of us need to take a longer view and stay positive about the future. Plan now, succeed tomorrow.

If you have questions about recruiting quality employees during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to reach out to Avitus Group. We’re open for business and always happy to help.

Author: Alex Mozota, Vice President, Avitus Group

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