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How would a 98% collection rate affect your business?

Free Dental Revenue Cycle Management eBook

Learn how to increase your dental practice’s collection rate and overall cashflow. Inside the booklet you'll find:


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Eliminate costly mistakes and increase profitability.

Get Tips for Making Dental Billing Simple.

Use the strategies in this Dental Revenue Cycle Management eBook to make this critical financial aspect of practice management easier for you and your staff. Send fewer statements, reduce past-due payment statuses, eliminate collection compliance issues and improve your practice’s profitability — all by simply taking the time to educate your staff on best practices and inform your patients for an improved client experience.

Inside the Dental Revenue Cycle Management eBook

1. Develop a Management System

By developing a strong system to properly manage your revenue cycle, you’ll have the keys you need to increase your practice’s collection rate as well as your overall cash flow.

2. Get to Know the Lingo

Increase your command of key concepts with this cheat sheet of the most important terms you’ll come across while managing the collections process.

3. Dos and Don’ts

Explore some important habits and best practices you’ll want to implement, and learn which ones to avoid.

4. Reduce Adjustments

Learn how to navigate the in-network reimbursement fee with insurance plans and implement a system for establishing discounts and adjustments for patients and procedures.

5. Coordination of Benefits

With ever-changing insurance plans, limitations and policies, you and your team need to be clear on how coordination of benefits works for you and your patients. If your team doesn’t know how to handle patients with dual insurance coverage, you could be losing a lot of revenue.

6. Practice Troubleshooting Scenarios

Try out our practice scenarios to get your team prepared for handling different situations requiring benefit coordination.

7. Benefit Coordination Checklists

Use this checklist when verifying benefits for patients who have dual insurance and to make sure every detail of your benefits coordination process is being done accurately.

8. Best Practices

Use best practices to ensure accuracy, streamline billing, and create an efficient claims process. Following best practices can also dramatically decrease your team’s coordination efforts.


Dental Revenue Cycle Management eBook

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