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Avitus Group has partnered with LinkedIn to launch Elevate, a social sharing tool that makes you the expert.

Today’s customers complete 57% of the buyer’s journey online before contacting a sales professional. Sharing valuable content with your future customers is a way to establish trust and remain top-of-mind when they make their purchase decisions.

How it works

Make sure your avitusgroup.com email account is added to your LinkedIn profile. To do this, follow these instructions.

link your email

Go to linkedin.com/elevate and click Get Started. Sign in and follow the on-screen instructions.

Go To Elevate

Choose the categories that you want to subscribe to. These categories are aligned to our specific service offerings.

Don’t forget to download the app. This is the easiest way to share and you will receive notifications when new content is added to your subscribed channels.

Start sharing! You can share across multiple social media channels or just to your LinkedIn profile. You can also choose to schedule your post, making sure you connect at the best times for your network.

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