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On-Site Training

Avitus Group Open Enrollment – Supplemental Benefits                     MEMBERS ONLY

Learn about the benefits available to Avitus Group Member employees in this ONE HOUR session. Free to all registrants.

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Emergency Preparedness/EAP

A workforce that feels safe in the event of an emergency is more productive on average. This ONE HOUR session trains employees in how to manage an unforeseen situation that

  • threatens the health/well-being of one or more employees
  • disrupts or shuts down business operations
  • causes physical and/or environmental damage

This class covers workplace emergencies and reviews important tips to follow if an emergency should occur. We also discuss essential items needed in a written Emergency Action Plan. $79.00 USD per registrant.

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Paying Employees Properly

Failure to pay employees properly can lead to wage/hour claims and potential penalties for employers. Are salaried employees exempt from overtime? What are the overtime rules in the state we operate in?

This important class shares critical information that every employer should know about how they classify and pay employees. $79.00 USD per registrant.

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Developing a Positive Safety Culture in the Workplace

Developing a positive safety culture in the workplace leads to lower costs and higher productivity. Once a culture that is rooted in safety is achieved, the benefits include more satisfied employees, lower workers’ compensation premiums and a higher win rate with prospective customers. It’s a win-win situation and well worth pursuing.

This class examines simple but effective techniques to achieve a positive and effective safety culture. $79.00 USD per registrant.

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Developing PTO, Vacation, Sick Leave and Holiday Policies

Paid leave vs. unpaid leave can be very complex, even for the most seasoned human resources professional. Learning how to navigate the multifaceted requirements will help your organization maintain workplace compliance. $79.00 USD per registrant.

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