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Award-winning trainers have designed our online courses to keep participants engaged. These courses are perfect for employees who work odd hours, are located remotely, or need training certification immediately. Participants receive a certificate upon completion. Click on the links below to register.

Back Safety Training Program (5-in-1 Avitus Group Refresher Series)

This course covers why back injuries occur and how to lower the risk of back injuries. We introduce attendees to Occupational Athletics, making this training more robust and interesting than the typical “lift with your legs” approach. While this course is certainly beneficial in warehouse or industrial environments, this training has become very popular with office and retail businesses.

Basic Lockout Tagout Safety

This course provides participants a clear understanding of Occupational Safety and Health Administration lockout/tagout rules. Training covers the scope of the standard, how the standard should be applied, the components of an energy control program, and employee training and protection.

Bloodborne Pathogens-Reducing the Risk of Occupational Transmission

This course gives participants clear instructions on how to control exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B or HIV in the workplace. Training is appropriate for any work environment, including office, retail or hospitality. Participants will learn how to develop an exposure control plan, making this course an essential  difference for any employer.

Disaster Planning 101

This course discusses an overview of disaster planning at the workplace. Participants will learn how to construct a disaster plan along with communication and reporting activities. Training provides critical direction that helps put victims at ease and prepares for additional impacts.

Electrical Safety (5-in-1 Avitus Group Refresher Series)

This course enables attendees to understand the basics of electricity and electrical systems. Participants will learn about safe work practices using electricity in common settings as well as best practices when using electricity in special environments such as confined spaces or near power lines.

Fire Safety and Portable Fire Extinguisher Training (5-in-1 Avitus Group Refresher Series)

First exposure to an extinguisher during a fire is not the ideal time to learn how to use it properly. This course prepares your employees to safely and effectively deploy fire extinguishers of different types and sizes. Training includes storage, use and proper maintenance of extinguisher, and different fire types that can occur in workplace settings. Fire prevention steps are also covered.

Forklift Safety Basics for General Industry

This course gives the employee a fantastic classroom training for safely operating a forklift. While this class will not qualify you for licensing, it will give the participant a basic understanding of forklift safety. This is a great refresher course for licensed forklift operators to take on a regular basis just to remind them of the respect this piece of equipment requires.

Hazard Communication Standard Training (5-in-1 Avitus Group Refresher Series)

SPANISH VERSION – Hazard Communication Standard Training

Participants will learn safe work procedures, Material Safety Data Sheets, and HAZCOM labeling in this course. Training will help reduce the risk of immediate injury as well as long-term problems due to exposure to a hazardous chemical.

Hearing Protection Training

This program is designed to inform the participant about the effects of noise, understanding the types of hearing protection systems available and when and how to use them.

Identifying Strain and Exertion Exposures

SPANISH VERSION – Identifying Strain and Exertion Exposures-Spanish Version

According to the National Safety Council, 90% of all accidents can be are attributed to unsafe acts or behaviors. This course teaches owners and managers how to identify hazards and exposures in the workplace so they can take corrective actions BEFORE an injury occurs.

Machine Guarding: Protecting Employees from Injuries

SPANISH VERSION – Machine Guarding: Protecting Employees from Injuries

If you have machinery in your work environment, this course is extremely important. Training should be retaken on a regular basis by employees who work with machinery.

Office Workstation Safety

Training is designed to help the student understand ergonomics, the proper workstation design and adjustment, recognition and prevention of common ergonomics related disorders.

Personal Protective Equipment Training Program

This course is designed to teach participants how to conduct hazard assessments along with selection of appropriate personal protective equipment on the basis of a hazard assessment.

Safety Pays for Life (5-in-1 Avitus Group Refresher Series)

The focus for this course is all about what an injury can mean to a person and the jobsite. When an injury occurs, the impact ripples through the company as well as the victim’s family. This is a good course to watch after a “near miss” occurs in the workplace.

The Purpose of Refresher Training

Research has shown that new and inexperienced  employees have higher rates of accidents and injuries than more experienced workers. This course discusses the critical reasons why refresher training is essential to reducing workplace accidents and injuries. Employees must be reminded of any job hazards that exist and trained in safe work habits to avoid injury due to those hazards.

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