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February 2020 Newsletter

Can Social Media Grow Your Business?

Join us for our March Expert Forum Webinar, when Robert Pullins shares valuable insights how social media can be used as a marketing tool.

“Social Media Marketing: Stocking the Pond for Better Fishing” is designed for business owners who are looking for innovative ways to grow their business. You’ll learn how social media can be used to influence prospects and pointers on turning your social media into your own little sales fishing pond.
Thursday, March 19 at 11 am MST

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Here’s just some of what you’ll be learning:
  • Rod, string, bait.  Social media is a tool in your sales process. Understand how it is (and isn’t) valuable in the broader digital strategy of reaching your business’s end goal – revenue.
  • Chumming the water.  Get out of the “post” mindset and leverage the platforms and your expertise in a way that brings people to you.
  • Hook, line & sinker.  Now that you have your audience around you, it’s time to reel in the sales. Robert discusses using your full digital “tackle box” to do this.

Meet Robert Pullins, Digital Strategist for Avitus Group Marketing
Robert brings over 10 years of experience in comprehensive digital marketing to the webinar stage. He is passionate about helping clients realize how social media marketing fits into a larger marketing strategy and that it is not just a casual tool to connect with friends.

Interested in a free “Dark Web” Scan?

As a “thank you” for being a valued Avitus Group client, we are offering you a FREE DARK WEB SCAN until March 15.

Why get scanned?

  • Find out where you’re compromised to mitigate future risks.
  • Identify the source of the leak to prevent further exposure.
  • Get actionable steps to fix it.
  • Upon completion, we will provide a written report that we will review with you.

Click here to start your free Dark Web scan.

Client Profile: Rimrock Art & Frame

Rimrock Art & Frame has been a thriving business in Billings, Montana, since 1994. Owned by Scott Cox and his family since 2004, Rimrock Art & Frame prides itself not only on building custom picture frames, but also on building relationships and customer loyalty. To thrive and grow through a roller coaster of changes in the economic environment, they relocated to a larger and more appropriate space that allows them to take on larger and more challenging projects in 2007.

What sets Rimrock apart is their understanding that it’s not really about the frame or the art. It’s about the people: the people who buy and sell the art, the people who manufacture, use, and enjoy it, and the talented people who create it. The staff at Rimrock takes the time to get to know their clients and their projects so they can help them produce and frame the perfect piece of art to bring into their life. In Mr. Cox’s own words: “We’re not just building picture frames at Rimrock Art & Frame — we’re building relationships.”

Rimrock Art & Frame prides itself on being a locally owned and operated fixture in the Billings business landscape. Unlike the big-box stores and internet framers, their business, employees and families are a vital part of their community and they are loyal about contributing accordingly.

That same loyalty extends to Avitus Group, which has served Rimrock Art & Frame for many years. Avitus Group’s relationship with Rimrock began with bookkeeping and payroll services and has grown to include marketing and co-employment services. The great trust Mr. Cox developed in Avitus Group through the bookkeeping and payroll services made it easy for him to expand to additional Avitus Group services.

“Using Avitus Group is one of the best business decisions I ever made,” said Mr. Cox. “Avitus Group has given me the freedom to focus on selling my products and services.”

Avitus Group Offers Free Tax Assessment

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was the biggest tax update in several decades.

But how did that impact your organization’s 2019’s tax filing? And how will that impact your business tax strategy moving forward? Now’s your chance to sit down with one of our experienced tax specialists to identify missed opportunities and start thinking about how you can make smart tax decisions for the long-term.

Schedule Your Assessment Now

What you’ll do during this 1-on-1 session:

  • Have a real conversation with a specialist about your 2018 or 2019 return
  • Get your tax questions answered
  • Find out which changing tax laws can affect your business filing
  • Walk away with new knowledge that will save you money

CPEO Update

Our CPEO accreditation has recently undergone a change; read more to find out how and why.

Watch our latest Expert Forum Webinar

Open Your Culture, Build Your Success: Why & how to enable growth through an open culture

If you missed our latest Expert Forum Webinar last week, it is not too late! You can now watch this engaging and informative presentation online via the link below.

Click Here to Watch the Webinar

  • What an open culture is, how it is shaped, & how it can make and/or save you money
  • Roadblocks to a productive workplace culture, and give you tips on how to clear them
  • Easy action items you can start today to foster and benefit from a positive, successful open culture in your company
  • Avitus Group is an industry leader when it comes to building cultural dynamics and empowering our employees to shape the future of our business.

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