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Can Cafeteria Plan Benefits Save Money?

Can a cafeteria benefits plan save your company money?

We all know that the cost of employee benefits is increasing. Cafeteria plan benefits are one way to reign in those costs. Through this plan, employees can select from an array of benefits.

Optional Benefits

Example: Suppose you are prepared to offer five optional benefits. That is, benefits not required by Social Security or other laws and in addition to vacation. Let’s assume those benefits are:

-Five paid holidays per year.

-Five paid personal days per year.

-Bonuses for extra effort, such as high sales or signing up new customers.

-Company contributions toward a life insurance policy for the employee.

-Company contributions toward a health insurance policy for the employee and his or her family.

This is your “cafeteria” of benefits. But instead of providing all five benefits, explain to your employees that they may select any four of the five. In effect, you’re allowing them to choose their own fringe benefits. And, you’ll realize substantial savings in the process.

The list of benefits in our example is typical of what employers have traditionally offered their workers. But many employers today are investing in cafeteria plan benefits that include “new-wave” benefits such as daycare assistance, wellness programs and flexible work schedules.

The cost is substantial. But also substantial is the cost of not providing them, in terms of higher turnover rate among your workers, absenteeism, tardiness and work time spent contacting babysitters and making other personal calls.

Cafeteria Plan Benefits Can Work for Your Organization

Also, users of the daycare center were absent an average of 1.7 days less than the control group, and their maternity leaves were 1.2 weeks shorter.

Daycare centers are certainly not a wise investment for all employers, but a cafeteria plan benefits package is.

Be aware of the benefits that employers of comparable size are offering, as well as benefits offered by your competitors. Your employees are likely to know what benefits others are offering. You should too.

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