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Contract Business Administration, Streamline

contracting business administration services can streamline your business operations

Need to streamline your business operations? Contract out your business administration functions. Period.

Don’t take it all on yourself when someone else can do it for you. By contracting out business administration functions, you can save on resources, improve your core competencies and streamline your operations. You just need to contract out the right functions.

Save on Resources, Time and Equipment

One of the biggest benefits of contracting out back-office functions is reducing your competency gaps and overhead. When you contract out certain functions, you can reduce the amount of resources, time and equipment you need.

Resources. What accounts for the biggest chunk of most company’s expenses? Human resources. Human capital management is an area where efficiency is key.

Time. Benefits enrollment is a nightmare time suck for most HR departments. It’s only once a year, but that just means your HR people don’t get a lot of practice at it. Compare that to our HR experts, for example, who handle benefits administration for a living.

Equipment. If you have an on-premises system and you’re managing the system with in-house resources, you’re spending too much on equipment (not to mention you’re wasting your IT resources on equipment maintenance).

Gain Multiple Functions Simultaneously

How do you do everything you need to do if you don’t have all the resources you need and you can’t afford to hire them? Either you look for outside help or you run yourself and your employees into the ground, which doesn’t really work.

There’s no more efficient way to increase your company’s core competencies than by hiring an outside contractor. If there was, our founders would have figured it out a long time ago and Avitus Group wouldn’t be in business.

Let’s say you need to fill four functions but you can’t afford to hire four full-time employees. For example, you need people handling payroll, taxes, bookkeeping and benefits administration. It’s the exact situation our founders were in. And it’s why we have a co-employment offering, which bundles the main functions every company needs (like payroll, tax planning, accounting, et cetera) into a tidy package. So you can still hire those four functions (via a partner).

Avoid Contracting Out Key Functions

We’d be remiss if we didn’t warn you about the functions your company shouldn’t contract to outside help.

At Avitus Group, we keep our own services to business administration and we don’t stray into areas outside our expertise. Conversely, you shouldn’t trust us or any other vendor with certain functions in your business.

Core competencies. Your company is in existence because you bring something unique to the marketplace, otherwise you would have never gone into business in the first place. You don’t want to turn that over to someone else. Actually, this isn’t one we really need to mention because most business owners know their main strengths and hesitate to let anyone else do those functions anyway.

It’s a common theme, and it’s front and center in our own company’s history. Our founders knew they were good at their core competencies but were in over their heads when it came to the back office. They looked for a company that could take care of the entire back office for them but didn’t find one, so they created one.

Services. If you made your name on great customer service, you’re taking a risk letting someone do that work for you. And if you’re a service company at your core, don’t contract out customer service.

Avitus Group is a service company, and we don’t believe an outside vendor can truly understand our company, our goals and our approach to the customer relationship. If you’re a service company at your core, you need to keep customer service on your own plate.

Contract Out Business Administration to Streamline

Contracting business administration services enables you to save on time, resources and equipment while gaining multiple functions at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees.

We know. We’ve been there. Our founders went through the same struggles our customers go through every day. As a result, we already know what you need.

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