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Refer a business to join Avitus Group and receive cash.

The greatest compliment we can receive is your referral.

Please fill out and submit the form below to refer a business that you think would benefit from the solutions available at Avitus Group. And see below for more information about our program and how you can receive cash for your referral.

Avitus Group Referral Program


Number of Employees Referral Payment Amount
1 to 10 $500
11 to 50 $1,000
51 to 100 $1,500
100+ $2,000
Avitus Group Service ** Referral Amount***
Payroll Services* $50 – $100
Accounting Services $500
Dental Management $250
HR/Training $250
Information Technology $500
Insurance $100 – $500
Marketing $500
Professional Acceleration $250
Recruiting $50 – $250
Tax $50

*Qualifications for Avitus Group Payroll Services Referrals Only

Referrals for our Payroll Services only may be submitted on the Avitus Group Payroll Service website or directly to a member of the Avitus Group Payroll Service team. The contact person must be an owner or decision maker. Avitus Group Payroll Service must be able to use the name of the referring member, and the name must be recognized by the referral.

**Qualifications for Avitus Group Business Services Referrals

The qualification of referrals will be determined by the relevant Avitus Group Business Service president or by the Chief Operating Officer.

***Referral amount will be processed approximately 4 months after first paid invoice.

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