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Everything You Need to Know

Backup & Data Protection for the SMB

This comprehensive guide will help you choose the best backup solution for your business by detailing:

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Hardware systems fail.

Learn how and why to convert your backup into a virtual system so you don't miss a beat.

Searching for the right IT backup system requires time, money and quite often a bit of trial and error. That's why our skilled IT team created a guide to help SMBs know exactly what to look for in a backup system using 6 important criteria before making a costly decision.

Inside the eBook: Backup & Data Protection
for the SMB


1. Comprehensive IT Solutions

Does a potential solution provide the 3 crucial components–backup, recovery, and business continuity? Does it integrate seamlessly into your current processes and and system? Download the booklet for more info. 

2. Ease of Use for IT Backups

Do you have someone on staff to learn and manage complex IT systems? Do potential backup systems offer intelligent user interfaces? Are they supported by other managed service providers in the event that your in-house IT team needs additional resources? Download the booklet for more info. 

3. Affordability of Backup Virtualization 

What backup capabilities does your business need? Are there features that you can’t live without? Will the cheapest option leave you high and dry when you need it the most? Download the booklet for more info. 

Download the full eBook now for full details on the above points to consider when choosing a data protection solution, along with more about: 

    • IT Performance and Reliability

    • Scalability of IT Infrastructure

    • Business Data Recoverability

    • Proof of Automated Data Backup

    • Image-Based Backup Software

    • Virtualization Backup Software

    • Secure Cloud Storage Solutions


Backup & Data Protection for the SMB

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