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Avitus Technology Services Named to CRN’s 150 Fastest Growing Companies List

Avitus Technology Services, a division of Avitus Group, has been named as one of the fastest-growing solutions providers in the U.S. by CRN, a leader in IT news and insights. According to the rankings published on the CRN site, the company is named to the 34th spot.

“Our growth is attributable to many factors, but the one of which we are most proud is the level of support we provide our customers and the business growth we help them achieve,” says Cole Halpin, Director of Avitus Technology Services. “Our goal is to keep hardware and software secure and up to date, but also free up our clients’ time to focus on growing their business. We’re able to deliver solutions to business owners that they may not have previously considered.”

According to Halpin, Avitus Technology Services serves business customers across the nation. Its offices are located in Billings, Montana and Springfield, Missouri.

“We’re proud of our primary focus on small- and medium-sized businesses, including medical offices and other specialized services,” Halpin says. “Avitus Technology Services is able to offer business owners the same level of service and expertise that was previously exclusive to large corporations—and in a custom way that works for them.”

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